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Fereydoon Omidi

Fereyedoun Omidi was born in 1967 in Iran. He got his high school Diploma in Graphic Design in 1987. In 1993, Omidi got his BA in painting from Islamic Azad University of Art and then he got his MA in painting from the university of Art in Tehran in 1998. He is a member of Scientifical board Azad University, Author of painting workshop and a member of Iranian Society of painters.

“The beauty of letters is in the rhythm and repetition within which each form is free to transform and play.”

Ever changing colors blur the specificity of place with the letters twisting through endless variation. Harmonic movements of the brush sweep across the canvas to create mesmerizing iterations magnetized by an underlying structure and order.

Regimented multiple depictions feed back into abstraction where detail pale against the panorama and representation subsumes the represented. Both the fluidity and vitality of his work fluctuate between the graphic arts and Persian calligraphy to encapsulate a contemporary moment.

The abstract and the concrete dance through the appearance and vanish of a letter on the canvas. The emerging shape and the background coalesce into a vividly brushed surface distinguished by thick pigment and a network of bold lines. With a lucid sense of rhythm and pattern, Omidi’s work reflects sensitivity in which deep space and perspective hold fast as the surface tremble with two dimensionalities.

Omidi uses a serious of letters to emphasize the shifts in mood, perception, and vision that art can provoke with simple elements. The letters stand alone, outside the calligraphic sanctuary in which deep fusion and interplay with one another ring out into outward refrains. Here there is no spiritual poem, no illusions or incantations of mystical verse. The letters have nothing to cling to but themselves and their raw beauty. Stripped of meaning, the purity of Omidi’s work is all more striking. Liberated from the Labyrinth of allusion and swerving soul searching verse, the mind relaxes and allows the eye to roam and revel in the pleasure of visual. It is indeed a hymn to the philosophy of aesthetics.

Some of his Exclusive Exhibitions

2005 Tehran Gallery

2009 Studio Plano Gallery

2012 Henna Art Gallery

Some of his International Exhibitions

2004 Paris Group Exibitions

2008 Middle East Artists Group in water house and Dodd-London

2010 Group Exibition, Besharat Gallery Atlanta USA

2012 Group Exhibition, Art Gallery Venice

2012 Group Exhibition, Rira Galler Dubai.

Msquare Gallery Artist Product

Msquare Gallery Artist Product