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Franck Tordjmann

French artist, born in 1958, sculptor and painter, Franck Tordjmann’s favorite material is Plexiglass. Highly pure, its aerial sculptures, fragile and delicate in appearance, play with transparency and light to create emotion and reflection. These are all unique and original works. These compositions under plexiglass inserting used objects laden with memories reach artistic longevity once wrapped in a veil of clarity. They are often composed of violins or other musical instruments. This artist likes the violin, “common to the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, the instrument also of Gypsies, the instrument of travel. The violin arouses a lot of emotions. It’s a music and a very physical way of playing … “In recent years, he has also returned to his first passion, painting keeping his themes: music, memory, culture and Judaism but experimenting with a new method: painting under plexiglass. It combines bright colors and paper collages on a material that provides exceptional brightness. “I painted plexiglass plates upside down. This gives an impression of sub-glass and makes the whole brighter, “says the artist. His collages are pieces of musical scores (sometimes in Yiddish), digitized photographs of instruments often associated with jazz or Judaism (the silver-gray violin, saxophone) and as if carried away in a saraband. His creations combine “a figurative aspect and an abstract, unexpected side. The constructions are unusual, the unconventional compositions. Franck Tordjmann exhibits permanently in Belgium and the United States. Many French and foreign personalities have one of his works: Nicolas Sarkosy, Woody Allen, Madonna, Shimon Peres, Jean-Jacques Goldman …