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Fifteen years of creation for a travel on the roads of the doubt and the questioning.

Of my meeting with poetry was born a new universe, a door towards the invisible, towards the utility to sculpture the now being. Of its unstable balances were born these glass sculptures. They are the reflection of confrontations sometimes rough, sometimes sweet. Still in ambivalence, still on a thread, never without falling or almost. As a guide, throughout these years, the poem appeared sometimes in are legible essence or in graphic calligraphy. The confrontations were transformed into duality to propose another dimension, another musing in the heart of the material.

They are sculptures mirror, a fusionnel reflection of the story which continues. Because only what is of the domain of the dream is practicable.

The utility of the not being. In this world people see only the utility f what is, but never the advantages of what is not. What is only employed is not very useful, except when both states to be and not being are mixed there.

The glass is stuck and flattened (under cold conditions), cut in the diamond and sculptures in the jet of sand.

I used the technique of the fusing to curve and (thermcoller) of big glass thicknesses.

I sculpture then glass blocks in the disk diamond to shape them and give them a very mineral raw (gross) aspect. The same question (arises) ceaselessly to me: “what is the most important, the being or not being? The empty or the full? What we see or what we do not see.”

To retranscribe all my feelings, I work in oppositions on details with aspects:

More precious with the application of golden sheets (leaves).

More colored with the use of the glass alpine of various colors.

More flexible with the use of very lively latex in colors.

With always in vital lead the writing engraved in the material.

So, for me the balance of opposite is obtained, the sculpture can so live.

Strong period where confronts and is in confrontation the ideas and the materials.

The glass apaline white and black is sculptures in the jet of sand.

Peaks as thrown the one against the other one cut in the diamond.

A physical body to body in my work of sculptor.

Sculptures have the strength and the rum-up of the anger as a reflection of the current.

Msquare Gallery Artist Product

Msquare Gallery Artist Product