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John Thery

John Thery is a French artist who was born on the 7THof February 1955, in Paris.

He has had a passion for art and history since his childhood, and has continually visited the Louvre and the exhibitions of the capital. John Thery is self-taught in the field of

the visual arts, and educated his way of looking with XVth century Flemish painting, the revelations of abstract art of Kandinsky, Dali’s extravagances, Picasso’s brilliant boldness, Andy Warhol’s lucid pop art.

He began to paint in the seventies, at the age of sixteen. Firstly in a figurative style,

before discovering his vocation for abstract art. Fascinated by the spontaneous effects of ink and centrifugal force, he buried himself in the experiments of the sculptor Jean Tinguely and the painter Yves Klein. Seeing his true identity in the “action painting” created by Jackson Pollock, he ventured into a mixed technique combining speed and painting: SPIN PAITING.

John Thery designs his works with his hands, using a sponge or by projections, and each of his creations is a unique variation. Thery continues his experiments like a real bulimic of pictorial exploration. He is also developing a technique for three- dimensional painting visible using

spectacles, and revealed by Universal words: LIFE, HOPE, LOVE….

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