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Soklak Elgato

Born in Paris in 1977, EL GATO made his first pictorial experiences in the street with the discovery of the graffiti. It is the influence of this artistic courant which permits us to discover the work of this young painter, representative of this artist generation using and diverting, a diversity of urban supports in order to express its’ self.  The street art is by definition fleeting; logically he turns on the canvas, without leaving the urban appropriation.

Drawing his inspiration in the comics, the cubist painting, the graffiti, and the lunar landscapes of industrial wastelands, the painting of EL GATO gives the priority to the light, the movement and the color in some dynamic composition where he uses all kinds of techniques and materials (acrylics, paint, sprays, stencils, collages…). He likes also drawing in some piece more figurative where he takes a great care to master a hitch (dripping notably).

He approaches themes which are naturally linked with the urban culture, with emerging symbols in the city of occidental societies. Thrown up against the canvas, the painting describes urban, geometric colored, dry constructions telling the vision that EL GATO has of his environment. But his artist’s eye also falls on insignificant items those he promotes to the rank of piece of art: capsicum, paint, sprays, cups… Again, it is our environment that sets out to describe, in a modern language that EL GATO sets out to describe, in a modern language borrowed to the street.

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