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Jurgen Chaumarat

Lightness of movement,


1970: Birth in Tahiti, Pacific Ocean; early notion of the ephemeral, places of education: Paris, Normandy, Aquitaine, Auvergne, Algeria; stays always interspersed with Polynesian interludes.

1991: A passion for glass, a material he explores the techniques relating to mirrors at a Parisian designer.

The volumes thus exhaled are of a simple geometric sobriety, all city.

Arrangements made:

– Mr Balenciaga’s home in Paris

– Furniture and lighting

– Lighting for the Mediterranean Club in the Bahamas (Colombus Isle) and Thailand (Phuket).

1994: Imperious call of the origins, it escapes the Parisian maze to be reborn in the far peaceful.

The tropical pregnance and its essences (bamboo, coconut, kaori) are reflected in a style with curved lines and vagabonds.

Realization of indoor furniture for individuals and professionals:

The Dean, restaurant in Papeete

The Hilton, luxury boutique of Papeete

Doutor Coffee, a hotel chain in Japan.

1999: The prolix of the artist does not find enough echoes, J├╝rgen returns and settles in Toulouse where he lives and still works today. He cuts and chisels then more intensely …

Realization of lighting for Mr Baudis in Toulouse.

2002: He works for galleries (and some “big” signs) and then creates very colorful sculptures full of sparkle and oceanic strength

2009 to 2012: Period of research, development of new techniques and creation. By sanding, digging and then re-grinding some parts, the sculptures confine themselves to a more textured complexion: inclusions of tin, argentic,effects of mineral erosion, water (bubbles and waterfalls) and pearlescent effects, are now visible.

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