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Self-taught artist born in Germany in 1954, in Friedrichshafen on the shores of Lake Constance. It is since the new millennium that Déesse has chosen to put her artistic projects in plastic. Her sculptures are a synthesis of current trends. Her sphere of influence is inspired by graffiti. She mainly applies a pop cubism style of bright colors borrowed from the Brazilian panel. In short, a carnival of colors. The Inspiration of Déesse comes from Mondrian, Paul Klee, Malevitch and Vasarely. Obviously we will not name the many sculptors and tendencies who have fed and fuel her work every day. Déesse also has her universe and especially her sensitivity, like any artist, she is on edge. Her travels and her thirst for magnificence of expression allow her to apply her artistic tastes. She has not finished surprising us. It is distinguished by her collections: Big Stars- Bathers- Ladies cats- Ladies Heart- Beach Heart- Diva- Happy- Duffy- Khloé etc…. Déesse exhibits in France in many Galleries, in Europe and in the rest of the world.

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