Marcello Cid Saint Jean

Marcello Cid Saint Jean was born in Patagonia. After spending several years in Argentina he came back to his native country where he studied painting at the University of Plastic Arts Cuyo. He then moved to Paris, where he currently lives and works.
His work is influenced by Matis and his modern collages, by the paintings of Patagonia, as well as by urban art. Marcello Cid Saint Jean's paintings address the problem of the relationship between space and time.
The artistic creation takes place in a certain time, period during which the artist is subject to chance and the unexpected. The complete mastery of the brush is therefore impossible, the painter can imagine the final result he wishes to attain, but the finished canvas will never be identical to the initial image. Chance always intervenes.
What is the use of painting with a precise idea in mind then? Marcello Cid Saint Jean prefers to not anticipate himself to the final result of his painting, and lets chance guide his brush.
The artist's compositions are abstract, the colors outline the shape and masses, structuring the canvas this way. Marcello Cid Saint Jean has exhibited his work in several countries such as France, the United States, Chile and Argentina.


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